Private Aurora Tour


October – March


08:00 – 11:30


Our private aurora tours in Abisko allow you to join one of our top-rated adventures knowing that the trip will be 100% private, giving you much more flexibility to join our tours on your own terms – with much more one on one time with our team of guides!

Are you dreaming of seeing the northern lights this season but don’t like the idea of joining a guided adventure with strangers? Look no further – our team of professionals have used their collective knowledge to build the perfect adventure for you and your friends or family! Our private aurora adventure in Abisko National Park is based on the most flexible aurora adventure in Abisko with three distinct ways to search for the lights – the Ultimate Aurora Photo Adventure. This 100% private aurora adventure gives you full control and allows your guide to take you to any number of our aurora watching locations in and around Abisko to maximize your chances of seeing the lights all in the privacy and security that only a 100% private aurora adventure can provide.

Based on current snow conditions, aurora prognosis and weather forecasts, we will hunt for the lights on foot at a nearby teepee, chase the lights in a modern 4×4 van, or ride on a cozy sleigh which is pulled behind a snowmobile to one of our wilderness camps in and around Abisko National Park. The tour begins with a private pick up from any hotel in Abisko or Björkliden in one of our modern all-wheel drive vehicles with seating up to eight guests. Your guide will then provide you with a DSLR camera, overalls, headlamp and all the information needed to prepare you for the evenings excitement.

After a brief introduction and explanation of the night’s adventure your guide will discuss your options based on local weather and aurora forecasts. Our fantastic locations, combined with the exclusivity of a private adventure allows you to access one of the darkest areas in Abisko which means we will have an opportunity to see and photograph stars, galaxies, the milky way and the aurora borealis with virtually no light pollution. The bottom line is this: Our team has been searching for the northern lights in and around Abisko for more than a decade and will use our collective knowledge to give you an incredibly high likelihood of success – no other outfitter can offer you a private aurora tour with this much flexibility!

Don’t miss this opportunity to join our extremely exclusive, 100% private, aurora tours in Abisko National Park!


What's included

Complete flexibility with three different methods of aurora hunting: on foot, in a 4×4 vehicle or a sleigh ride in the wilderness.
Private pick up at your hotel in Abisko or Björkliden in one of our all wheel drive vehicles.
Private guiding by one of our experienced professionals.
Private access to one of our camps in Abisko National Park or a scenic location further afield.
Warm lingonberry juice.
High quality camera, lens, tripod, backpack and batteries.
LED Head lamp with bright white beam and red beam for maintaining night vision.

Good to know

In addition to all the excitement that is included in our private tours, you also have an opportunity to add several upgrades that allow you to further customise your adventure so that it is tailored to your specific idea of the perfect night under the Arctic sky! Take a look below and learn more about what we can offer.

Our private adventures are limited to a maximum group size of eight people. If you have a larger group please let us know and we will be happy to custom tailor an adventure just for you!

Optional add-ons


Are you looking for the most romantic setting imaginable to celebrate a birthday or a wedding anniversary? Are you dreaming about the perfect way to pop the question? If so, our romance package is a great addition to your private adventure! Our team of guides have helped countless couples celebrate a special occasion and we are proud to say that every guest that has ever proposed to their soon to be fiancé has been fortunate enough to receive a YES from their significant other. Our romance/proposal package adds an extra layer of exclusivity to your night in the Arctic and includes the following:

A one on one, pre-planning session with your guide so that the two of you can prepare for the big event. This pre-planning session ensures that you and your guide know exactly when the big moment will happen so we can be sure to capture a photograph at the exact moment that you pop the question – all with the possibility of the northern lights dancing in the background!
Auroras by candlelight! Our guides will arrange a minimum of 25 candles that line the path to our camp and the entire outpost will be surrounded by romantic light dancing in the wind to set just the right mood for your perfect evening. This magical addition is sure to make the memories of your evening with us burn bright in your memory for a lifetime!
Your favorite song. Our guides will bring along a sound system so that we can play “your” romantic song at just the right moment.
A selection of delicious chocolate to make the moment even sweeter!
Our guide will help you use the camera we provide to capture beautiful photographs that will create memories that last a lifetime.



Would you like to immortalize your evening with professional photographs and a beautiful slideshow to share with friends and family? While camera gear is included in all our adventures, this upgrade goes a step further and includes a professional photographer that is 100% dedicated to capturing high quality photographs of your magical night in the Arctic. Our team of professionals will capture every moment during your special night from the moment you head out into the wilderness until the time that we return to our base. We will provide you with a minimum of 20 high resolution photographs that have been professionally edited to bring out the most of the images that we capture during our time together. We will then use these photographs to create a slideshow with music of your choice that can be shared with friends and family. We will provide the images & slideshow in a maximum of 7 days after your adventure.
*Please note that the editing that is included in your package covers a maximum of two hours of professional editing services.



Would you like to add a local snack or an adult beverage to your special evening? We can offer the following treats as an add on to your package:

Lapland tapas – dried reindeer meat, Västerbotten cheese, arctic bread and lingonberry jam: 500 SEK/person (minimum 2 people)
Alcohol free champagne: 500 SEK/bottle

SEK 9,995

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