What to do in Abisko

Aurora Tours

Abisko is located 200km north from the Arctic Circle, under the Aurora Oval. Its location, is optimal to see the Northern Lights.


We head towards the mountains around Abisko using the old way of hiking in the snow, with snowshoes on. If we are lucky, we might see some local animals like moose, hares, ptarmigans or foxes.


You can drive one of our snowmobiles under the moonlight nearby Abisko National Park or look to the skies for the northern lights from the comfort of the sleds.


We provide you with a camera and tripod and head out to a photo location away from any light pollution. We will take beautiful pictures of the aurora together.


We provide Sami inspired BBQ in Abisko while you wait for the northern lights with a dish called “souvas”. We also have moose spotting, an amazing experience.


While you wait for the fish to bite, you can enjoy the most spectacular view across the open, frozen lake and the mountains all around you, sparkling in the snow.